Transistor is a really nice to look at.  And the game play is really fun, with a ton of variety, and the game encourages (and sometimes forces) you to explore that variety in a lot of interesting ways.    The problem with the game is the obstification of the main story .  It’s actually easier to unlock the back story than exactly what is going on in the game.  I have beaten the game and have a vague understanding of what happened, but just barely.

The mechanics and the aesthetics of the game are fun enough that I’m willing to ignore it, and for the price, I would definitely  recommended  playing this.

One thought on “Transistor”

  1. That’s exactly the problem I had with their first game Bastion, they relied on narrative gimmicks to tell their story in the most vague, indifferent way possible rather than actually write something compelling. I hope they lighten up a bit with the next game.

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